I'm Running to Serve You

Dear Neighbors,

 My name is James Jeyaraj and I am running to serve you and your family on the Auburn City Council. I have an extensive history as a community leader, volunteer and political activist in Auburn. Currently, I work in the aerospace industry, and have experience with project management, working with diverse teams and completing projects on time and under budget. 

Originally from Singapore, I've called the Pacific Northwest home since 1985 and eventually moved to Auburn in 2007. Since then, I have been active in the Auburn community as a board member for the City’s Parks and Recreation board as well as volunteering at various community events.

Auburn is an amazing city with a ton of potential to continue to grow and attract new residents and businesses. However, in recent history there has been a division in local politics. As your city councilmember, it is my pledge to work with the Mayor and my fellow councilmembers to put personal politics aside so we can move Auburn forward, together. We have big city problems that we are facing including homelessness, the opioid epidemic, affordable housing and improving the quality of life for our residents. It is going to take a true partnership between the City, residents and the business community to develop innovative solutions to make headway on these problems. I also think it is imperative we set benchmarks so our community members know we are actually making progress on these fronts and we have results to show.

I want to work hard to bring jobs and economic opportunity home for our residents. But in order to continue to attract quality employers and new residents we need to make strategic investments to ensure Auburn is a place we are all proud to call home. This means we need to invest additional funds in public safety, repairing our roadways and sidewalks and ensuring we continue to have a vibrant parks system. These are amenities that new residents and businesses look at when looking for a new home. I want to create an Auburn that is welcoming to everyone and ensure it is a place where everyone sees an opportunity for themselves.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing your vision for Auburn over the coming months. I'd be honored to have your consideration and your vote. Thank you.

- James


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